Erectile Dysfunction: How To Have Better Sex


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is quite common in men over a certain age. Such a condition can also occur due to surgeries or other problems. Typically, men with ED are unable to get an erection and maintain it during sexual intercourse. While this not only results in an unsatisfactory sex life, it will slowly begin to affect you psychologically which will lead to further problems.

Fortunately, with the many advances in science, several medicines and solutions have been discovered to deal with the problem.

Some of the more known ways to tackle this problem are:

  1. Medicines- The market is flooded with pills that claim that your sex life will be back to normal as soon as you begin to use these pills. While these claims may be true to a considerable extent, there is only a small minority of people using these pills who do not have side effects while using them.
  2. Surgery: While surgery may seem like a drastic measure, some people find it an easier option compared to the yxzSD-Dy  stress they feel about being incompetent. Surgery may not always be able to give you the complete solution you are looking for. Ultimately, you may need to use a combination of factors to be able to overcome the problem.
  3. Therapy: Many times, a psychological problem can be the cause of ED and in such cases what will be best suited are sexual therapy sessions with a good counselor who can guide you and your partner out of it. While it may not be purely psychological, a few sessions with the therapist can help in getting the process on the right track.
  4. Penis Vacuum pumps: These vacuum pumps or penis pumps as they are popularly called, work without the aid of medicines or any other invasive techniques to help you to get an erection. Not only does this help you to get an erection but using it can help you to maintain the erection. Since there is no use of medicines, it is considered as a natural technique to treat ED.

Why Penis Pumps are the best for Better Sex:

  • coupleThe bottom line is that the pump makes sex possible, which is the primary problem with ED. The pump due to its very nature gradually pulls the blood into the penis because of the pumping action (hand powered or battery powered depending on the product picked). The suction helps to produce an erection and a supporting ring which is provided is slipped onto the base of the penis to maintain the erection. The best part is that it is proven to work especially if you consider that it has worked in 90% of the men who were used for the clinical trials.
  • This pump needs a bit of preparation before the act and this promotes communication amongst partners. If you introduce the pump into your bedroom and talk about it easily, the stress related to the non-performance will cease to exist. Before you know it, the psychological issue will cease to exist.
  • There is no limitation on the amount it can be used and hence you can use it as many times as you like. If you have figured out how to use it besoand you are able to get an erection, the amount of usage depends on you. Fortunately, there are no side effects of over-usage. In addition, once you know how it works, using it gives you the confidence to use it often. This allows you to bring back the healthy sex life that you had.
  • There is a wide range of pumps and variations available in the market making it possible for you to experiment with sex. There are rings with varied textures and sizes available allowing you to experience a different feeling every time it is used. While there are both medical and non-medical grade pumps available and sold widely, the non-medical penis pumps are sold as “toys” or adult-enhancement products as well. They do have some truth to it and you should be open to such experimentation to allow for complete healing.

Apart from medicinal healing, it is so important that you feel healthy from the mind and in order to get there, it is important that you are open to alternative therapies too.